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Golden Bears

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“…Living, breathing history told with humor, wit and style…Ron’s account of Cal Football puts the Golden in Golden Bears.” -Dick Enberg, CBS Sports

New York Journal of Books gives The Chessman a great review! Check it out!

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“The Chessman succeeds in drawing in the reader with action and drama, wearing us down with mystery and suspense, and finally rewarding us for our tenacity by giving us a well-deserved, satisfying ending. . . . Well done; well written.”

“Chess demands total concentration.”
—Bobby Fischer

The Chessman is not unlike the game of chess itself: It’s all about strategy and out thinking your opponent. Jeffrey Burton has succeeded in creating a visual of this fact, allowing the reader to strategize and attempt to think one or two moves ahead as they delve further into this exciting novel.

But while the story is about a mysterious copycat serial killer that confounds the authorities, it’s also about several hardcore bad guys who take delight in torture and murder. That said, The Chessman is not for the faint of heart: Rapes, drownings, beatings, and other miscellaneous inhumane acts are an integral part of the story. The mayhem is perpetrated by characters author Burton created, yet whom I imagine, aren’t entirely fictional.

The story’s protagonist, ex-FBI Special Agent Drew Cady, is reluctantly brought back into the Bureau to help find the copycat killer because of his knowledge about the original killer. And while Cady was able to solve that case, he was maimed and almost killed in the process. The ordeal of that investigation sullied his reputation and cost him his marriage. Now that a murderer of the same ilk as the chessman has surfaced, Cady has a shot at rebuilding his self-esteem as well as his standing among his peers.

The Chessman is a journey with peaks and valleys that are sure to challenge readers. The author plants clues along the way, some of which will aid the reader in determining who wears the white hats, while others are meant to detour readers away from the truth. Regardless, it all adds up to one heckuva good story. And while there may be perhaps a few too many characters, Mr. Burton does a fine job in developing the ones who carry the story.

Equally enjoyable is the fact that there is a puzzling financial component involved—one that makes Bernie Madoff’s scheme look childish in comparison. That element adds contemporary realism and forces the reader to try to analyze the mechanics of the fraud. The two dynamics—murders and Ponzi schemes—make The Chessman a timely and compelling mystery.

The Chessman succeeds in drawing in the reader with action and drama, wearing us down with mystery and suspense, and finally rewarding us for our tenacity by giving us a well-deserved, satisfying ending.

Mr. Burton also does an excellent job in describing the gritty action scenes, creating an element of suspense and horror that may cause some readers to flinch. Other parts of the story have some pretty incredible action that makes this novel a thriller as well. Easy to picture this story up on the big screen.

Well done; well written.
Reviewer John M. Wills is the author of Gripped by Fear (TotalRecall Publications), the second novel in the Chicago Warriors Thriller Series. His book, Targeted, won 1st Place in 2011 at the Public Safety Writers Association Convention; he is also a former Chicago Police Officer and retired FBI Agent.


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We are finally back on our blog and very excited for what’s in store for the future of MacAdam/Cage.  Look out in the coming days for news, offers and our highly anticipated Fall 2012 Catalog!

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Lunar Boy Touted as “Intelligent, Thought-Provoking and Wildly Original”

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MacAdam/Cage’s winter 2011 title One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy has received a great review from Ant of SF Book Reviews (  We’re glad that word is finally getting out about Stephen Tunney’s inventive and infectious new novel.

Click the link below to read the full review:

Jackie Robinson Inducted into Cooperstown Hall of Fame (Again)

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MacAdam/Cage is excited to announce that author Joe Formichella’s novel Here’s to You, Jackie Robinson has been selected to go into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame Archive Library.  There will be a commemorative display of the book and acceptance letter, which will go up on the wall of the museum this summer.

Joe will also be giving a lecture on his novel this week in Huntsville, Alabama, as part of “Pride & Passion: The African American Baseball Experience,” a traveling exhibit sponsored by The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum and the American Library Association.  If you’re in the neighborhood, go take a look – this book has been generating a lot of interest lately.  The event details are included below.

What: Lecture by Joe Formichella on Here’s to You, Jackie Robinson

Where: Huntsville, Alabama Main Branch Public Library; second floor events room

When: Wednesday, April 20th at 6:30 p.m.

Link to the Huntsville event page below:

Under the Harrow Reading in Pennsylvania

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MacAdam/Cage author Mark Dunn will be giving a reading from his new novel, Under the Harrow, at the Otto Bookstore on April 1st in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, not far from the fictional location of Dingley Dell. Under the Harrow tells the story of an anachronistic Dickensian society isolated for centuries and then thrust, unexpectedly, into the current of our modern age.

The event also features author Maria Boileau, reading from her new book in the Images of America Series, Lock Haven, and a live performance of one of  Mark’s plays, A Family Plot, by the Community Theatre League.  Mark will be reading from 5 – 7:15 pm, with the play showing at 7:30.  The event details are included below.

What: Reading and Play by Mark Dunn

Where: Otto Bookstore;   107 W. 4th St., Williamsport, PA 17701

Time: 5 – 8 pm, April 1st

If you’re interested, please go out and support Mark – the event is sure to be a lot of fun!

Link to the event on the Otto Bookstore’s site included below: