M/C Books

To Have Not by Frances Lefkowitz

The Girl With Brown Fur by Stacey Levine

Future Missionaries of America by Matthew Vollmer

The Prayer Room by Shanthi Sekaran

Cheesemonger: Life on the Wedge by Gordon Edgar

Austin and Emily by Frank Turner Hollon

Godspeed by Will Christopher Baer

Mixed Animal by Richard Martin

Johnny Future by Steve Abee

The Lost Country by William Gay

The Calamitous Adventures of Rodney and Wayne: Cosmic Repairboys by Mark Dunn

What Rhymes With Bastard by Linda Roberston

Dream City by Brendan Short

Stray Dog Winter by David Francis

Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn

Under Control by Mark McNay

Under the Blue Flag: My Mission to Kosovo by Philip Kearny

Salvage by Jane F. Kotapish

The Lost Highway by David Adams Richards

AK47: The Story of a Gun by Michael Hodges

Machine by Peter Adolphsen

Pelican Road by Howard Bahr

No One Tells Everything by Rae Meadows

Eldorado by Laurent Gaude

Commonwealth by Joey Goebel

The Wait by Frank Turner Hollon

Awesome by Jack Pendarvis

Judgement Day by Sheldon Siegel

Gentleman by Klas Ostergren

Rosie Little’s Cautionary Tales For Girls by Danielle Wood

Bloodthirsty by Marshall Karp

Careless by Deborah Roberston

Cormac: The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing by Sonny Brewer

All Will Be Revealed by Robert Anthony Siegel

Stray by Sheri Joseph

The Friends of Meager Fortune by David Adams Richards

Twilight by William Gay

Rose of No Man’s Land by Michelle Tea

The Great Inland Sea by David Francis

Pinkerton’s Sister by Peter Rushforth

Blood and Circumstance by Frank Turner Hollon

Dermaphoria by Craig Clevenger

The Mysterious Secret of The Valuable Treasure by Jack Pendarvis

Kiss Me, Judas by Will Christopher Baer

Me and Orson Welles by Robert Kaplow

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Life is a Strange Place by Frank Turner Hollon

The Anomalies by Joey Goebel

The Contortionist’s Handbook by Craig Clevenger

Sparrowhawk: Book One: Jack Fracke by Edward Cline

Pretty Is As Pretty Does by Alison Clement

Dogface by Jeff Garigliano

Sparrowhawk IV: War by Edward Cline

Running Away With Frannie by Renee Manfredi

The Little Book of the Sea by Lorenz Schröter

Elling by Ingvar Ambjornsen

The Steep Approach to Garbadale by Iain M. Banks

Die With Me by Elena Forbes

A Dead Language by Peter Rushforth

Choice by Nina De Gramont and Karen Bender

Caspian Rain by Gina Nahai

Alliance by Jonathan Fenby

The Queens of K-Town by Angela Mi Young Hur

No God In Sight by Altaf Tyrewala

Your Body is Changing by Jack Pendarvis

Death of an Ancient King by Laurent Gaude

Hell’s Half Acre by Will Christopher Baer

Open Me by Sunshine O’Donnell

Between Here and the Yellow Sea by Nic Pizzolatto

Famous Fathers and Other Stories by Pia Z. Ehrhardt

Carry My Bones by J. Wes Yoder

Calling Out by Rae Meadows

The Virgin’s Guide to Mexico by Eric B. Martin

To The Edge Of The World: Volume III by Harry Thompson

To The Edge Of The World: Volume II by Harry Thompson

To The Edge Of The World: Volume I by Harry Thompson

Fresh by Mark McNay

Salt Rain by Sarah Armstrong

Circle is a Balloon and a Compass Both by Ben Greenman

Kick The Animal Out by Veronique Ovalde

Demon Theory by Stephen G. Jones

The Housekeeper by Melanie Wallace

Lazy Eye by Donna Daley-Clarke

Crazy As Chocolate by Elisabeth Hyde

The Unsettling by Peter Rock

A Map of Glass by Jane Urquhart

Speak For England by James Hawes

Corrections to my Memoirs by Michael Kun

Kindergarten by Peter Rushforth

Black Tide by Peter Temple

The Point of Fracture by Frank Turner Hollon

A Woman of Stone by Todd James Pierce

A Thousand Benjamins by Michael Kun

Mary by Janis Cooke Newman

The Jungle Law by Victoria Vinton

A Cast of Characters and Other Stories by Sonny Brewer

To The Edge of The World by Harry Thompson

Dying Light and Other Stories by Donald Hays

Little Snowflake by Jani Lunablau

In The Dark of The Moon by Suzanne Hudson

Evening Ferry by Katherine Towler

You Poor Monster by Michael Kun

Simon’s Book by Henrik Drescher

The Oxygen Man by Steve Yarbrough

Identity Theory by Peter Temple

Midnight Moon by Clyde Watson

Here’s To You, Jackie Robinson by Joe Formichella

Dog by Michelle Herman

Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese by Frank Turner Hollon

Our Lady of Pain by Elena Forbes

The Little Book of the Sea: Food & Drink by Lorenz Schröter


One Response to “M/C Books”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have recently acquired a US Limited 1st edition hardback copy of the ‘The Time Travellers Wife’. Why is it a limited edition? Could you tell me what the publication history is and the number of copies printed for the US issue. Warm regards from England, Prakash

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